Captive Insurance Company Options

We provide customized private insurance company options to profit from risk.

Private insurance company options to profit from risk on a tax-favored basis

Captives can be an attractive solution for many objectives

Typical uses for captives

  • Self-insure risks traditional carriers will not underwrite – for example, loss of a key customer
  • Tax-favored transfer of wealth to from companies or individuals to beneficiaries

Consideration of a captive

  • Profitable companies and/or wealthy individuals are the typical candidates to consider a captive
  • Over a $1,000,000 in deductible premiums a year per beneficiary can be paid into the captive
  • Based on the actuary’s recommendations, claims are typically very low.
  • Surplus is returned as dividends or capital gains
  • Note: CEB Insurance only facilitates the introduction to nationally recognized vendors in this field.

Rules/regulations for captives are set out in IRS code section 831b

  • Not as highly regulated as traditional insurance companies