We customize a comprehensive brochure that both communicates the value of the employer’s contributions and provides employees with clear descriptions of their choices and costs.

Benefit plans are of vital importance to both employees and the management team.  Many problems regarding benefit plans in today’s environment:

  • Benefits are poorly understood by the workforce
  • Medical deductibles are rapidly rising
  • Employer do not get much employee credit for the costs of the plans born by the employer

To address these issues we prepare a customized employee hand-out brochure designed to summarize the highlights of all the employer’s benefits and costs in one communication

Content goals:

  • Heighten the participant’s or prospective new hire’s understanding of the complete benefit package and costs
  • Stress the employer’s commitment to allow employees to customize their benefits
  • Be frank about the employer’s annual cost of the package to drive home the employer’s commitment to underwrite a significant portion of the package’s cost