Union Plan Options

We focus on cost-effective plan options for the Local’s management group
as well as a mix of options for the union’s members.

Plans for the Union’s Local Leadership Group

Focus on Improved Benefits & Lower Costs


  • 100% coverage
  • 20% – 30% reduction in overall costs
  • Lifetime access to accounts

Ancillary Coverages

  • Customized designs

Supplemental Voluntary Options

  • Customized lump sum benefits
  • Permanent life coverage, long term care options

Plans for the Union’s Membership

Goal – strengthen the value of being a member of the Local

  • Benefit options only available to dues-paying members

Unique benefit options to supplement any employer’s plan

  • Allows members to customize their benefit package to suit their individual needs

Benefit options:

  • Life insurance and accidental death benefits 
    • Paid out of the Local’s membership dues funds
    • No payroll deductions
    • Up to 25%
  • Tax-free disability income option
    • Up to 25% of gross pay available
    • Supplements SDI and any employer short-term or long-term plan
    • No medical underwriting
    • Benefits begin on 8th day of disability and last 6 or 12 months
  • Tax-free accident cash payment options
    • Pays specific cash benefit for accidents
    • Supplements employer’s medical plan reimbursements
    • No medical underwriting
  • Tax-free, lump sum critical illness benefit
    • Provides for significant benefit levels for major illnesses including cancer
    • No medical questions
  • Third party enrollment and administration